Fit for lip augmentation. Pump for lip augmentation: how to use?

Sensual, plump lips is the dream of almost every woman. Many in the pursuit of beauty resort to plastic surgery and various injections, it enhances lips. But the consequences of such drastic methods are often terrible: edema of the tissues, the lips lose their shape. Recently the beauty market has been a fixture for lip augmentation – the suction Cup, its official name is plumper. This article discusses the model and brand of plumper lip, as well as the benefits and harms from their use. Beauty is a terrible force, and many women no matter what, his whole life striving to achieve it. Using various cosmetics and a variety of massages, we try to make your image attractive and inimitable. All of this is designed to appeal to our strong half of mankind. Today we offer lots of ways to achieve the effect that will slay all the men on the spot. But here is to understand which part of your face we want to highlight and make the most attractive.

Eyes can emphasize a variety of emotions, but the lips play a huge role in a charming manner to a woman. Nature not always gives us a lush and full lips that just beckon and doing all manner of sexy. This has developed an interesting tool, it was the pump for lip augmentation.

The story of this pump, it is not mysterious. In 2014, a very small American firm engaged in the production and release of this device, it is practically one of the most important cosmetic products for the lips. Simple American Linda Gomez, is at the basis of this company. According to her, when she began to notice that her lips and not quite lush by nature lost entirely its appearance and volume, she started thinking about how to increase them and give you the fullness. Today the company is thriving and sells worldwide a huge number of these pumps.

is it a lip plumper?

What is a lip plumper

In cosmetics plumper called special balms, lipstick and lip gloss, having in its composition substances that provoke blood flow to the skin surface. But there are devices that help give lips a sensuality – a special suction Cup. Many women, for the first time confronted with such a “device”, wondering how called vacuum cup for lip augmentation. This plumper, simple vacuum cup and with more scientific side of the vacuum device, allowing you to quickly give your lips the required amount, as well as helping to visually adjust their shape.

How looks a suction Cup?

how to plump lips

Simulator lip is a small cap, made of thick plastic. Colors can be completely different, depending on the manufacturer, but basically, there are plumper red and pink flowers, engraved with the upper part of the device lips. Vacuum chuck for lip augmentation is sold in two types: large vacuum simulator from Cynthia Rowland, and small, compact – Fullips (aka Magiclips). “Follies” have three sizes: small oval, medium oval and large circle. Luscious Lips has one universal size and is a manual mini-pump.

  • the manufacturer presented an effective device in the form of a cap;
  • is red;
  • the device is available in three types: Large Round (round, large diameter), Medium Oval (middle circle), Small Oval (oval a small correction in the home specific zones of the lips);
  • in the upper, outer part of the cap is engraved lip;
  • the product is made from high quality and durable plastic, which does not possess any specific or other odor.

How looks a lip plumper and pump

How does lip plumper work?

Once the lips are in contact with the device, air is sucked, creating a vacuum between the lips and plumper. Due to the vacuum increases blood flow to the skin, the shape of the lips changes. According to the advertisement of such devices to increase lip plumper allows you to achieve stunning results in just one application, and a thin, nondescript threads turn into a juicy, plump “the lips.” The effect of the procedure persists for 3-5 hours, and the constant use of the suction Cup up to 8 hours.

lip plumper that actually works

As for the trainer, Luscious Lips from Cynthia Rowland, the action takes place on the principle of the pump, or vacuum pump. The mouthpiece is applied to the lips, and the air is drawn with a pen.

By design, this simple device in the form of a cap. In order to use the Lip Plumping Enhancer, you must first lubricate lips any moisturizer. Often use bold lipstick or a highly moisturizing cream. Then put the device to her lips, tightly pressed and do a few intake of breaths. Pump must be fully cling to the lips. Held for a few seconds and the pump is removed from the lips. This procedure can be done several times a day. The action of the device is not designed for a long time, just a couple of hours, the lips gain their natural form. But with such a non-durable effect has its advantages. The device can be used only for some event, or immediately before the date. Even during a meeting or event, is to go to the ladies room and to carry out this procedure, and your lips again, you will be pleased with volume and fullness.

How to use lip plumper

Before applying plumper should be treated with antiseptic to prevent germs on the skin. Lips need to wash off all makeup, and then apply a softening cream.

how to use lip plumper

Use after selecting the desired size, suction Cup is placed over the top lip, then sucked the air. In this position you must hold plumper from 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on the desired result. For better adhesion of the suction Cup with the lips, the skin around them can be wet with water. To remove plumper, enough to create a small gap between it and the skin. After the treatment, your lips should be moisturized with a balm, and then apply makeup. Use the lip plumper: cleansing lips next pump, then the air using a special lever, in the sky, between the skin and the device creates a vacuum. The manufacturer recommends together with the pump, apply moisturizing lip gloss of the same company, which is composed of caring oils.

  1. You first need to clean the surface of the lips from decorative cosmetics: lipstick, lip pencil, gloss and the like.
  2. Choose from any three types of cap:
  • Round pullies will help to create the maximum effect on the lips are medium to large in size, making them more voluminous and sexy. The device helps to increase lip throughout their region.
  • Tulips oval medium perfectly suits women with lips, narrow and medium size. The device helps you easily and without problems to give the necessary amount of each lip individually or in the Central region of the mouth in a vertical position device.
  • Small Oval is designed for slim by nature or age-related changes of the lips, tiny mouth, and for a point impact on the surface.
  1. Hold the fixture plumper lips.
  2. With his lips and need to start sucking air as long as the cap does not “stick” to my lips.
  3. This situation and condition is necessary to sustain for 20-30 seconds.
  4. The manipulation must be repeated several times. The frequency of repetitions depends on the intended effect: the more swelling, the longer the effect from the use plumper.
  5. After lip augmentation, it is recommended to apply a lipstick, balm or moisturizer. To emphasize more attractive shape and lines will help the lip liner.

what to use to plump lips

Contraindications of using lip plumper

Plumper for lip augmentation, photos, features, and reviews of which are presented in the article is not recommended for use:

  • People with diabetes.
  • Persons who suffer from brittleness and fragility of blood vessels.
  • When the tendency to skin diseases, and the same in the presence of cuts and inflammation on the skin of the lips.

Contraindications of using lip plumper

If during the application you have started to experience discomfort or on the lips were bruised, not disappearing for a long time, the use of the suction Cup should be immediately terminated.

Where can you buy lip plumper

Due to the popularity of lip lip plumpers are, they exist in almost every store specializing in the sale of cosmetics and devices for beauty. However, to buy the vacuum equipment should only from trusted sellers, avoid buying fakes.

Buy lip plumper now

How to distinguish original goods from counterfeits

Lip plumpers are well-advertised U.S. brands, under which many enterprising scammers sell low quality products. Distinctive features of the original products: the Presence of the quality certificates. For the price of $10 per pack. The realization only through the official representatives of the company. Chinese online retailers also sell copies  lip plumpers are, at a lower price, strikingly different from the cost of the original. However, hopes for such simulators place is not worth it – not only can they be effectively, but also dangerous, as they can harm the lips.

original lip enhancment

Advantages of using lip plumper

Lip augmentation with the help of vacuum cup has a number of advantages over other ways of changing their shape. Of advertising devices it is possible to allocate following advantages of the plumper:

  1. Low cost.
  2. The ease of use.
  3. Long-term results
  4. No side effects.
  5. Accessibility.
  6. The effect is noticeable immediately after the first session.
  7. Painless procedure, in contrast to an injection mode.
  8. The absence of contraindications, including about allergies.
  9. However, the vacuum lips can sometimes cause harm to the appearance, namely.
  10. At the time of the procedure on the lips and the skin around the mouth may form a hematoma.
  11. If you frequently vacuum the skin around your lips stretched, and formation of premature wrinkles.

But is it really? Is it really a sucker for lip augmentation so effective and safe to use, as the advertising? This will help to understand the reviews about the device.

Disadvantages and harm of using lip plumpers

The first common misconception many customers that lip lip plumpers are detrimental to health. On our website you will find really a lot of negative reviews that customers acquired in low-quality stores.

That can make substandard products?

A large part of the lip plumpers are lip – is a fake. Most often it is the usual plastic toys, or the Chinese fakes that try to pass off as the real original. What you can get a lot of injuries:

  1. The blue lips.
  2. Rupture of capillaries and swelling.
  3. Allergic reactions.

And many other unpleasant consequences. However, if you buy from trusted sources, manufacturers, doctors and experts who review such accessories may be responsible for the quality of the products.

There is a lot of evidence, one of which is the official international quality certificate, which was issued this product recently, which she spread around the world.

So, lip plumper cause any harm to health?

No, because they are made only from quality materials. In addition, due to the correct shape and quality of the materials used in the original plumper, they are not only not harmful to health, but also play the role of massage. Of course, quality plumper must give effect uploaded of the lips, the duration of which must constantly increase. This effect you can get with the fake, but only because of the original shape and quality materials used in the original production, this effect does not affect the health of the face and lips in General.

Remember, the original products must give the most natural blood flow to your lips. This uniform was unfortunately not revealed the official manufacturers, and therefore dangerous counterfeits, which clamp the capillaries.

Unfortunately, as we said above, currently the majority of providers are scammers. We are a completely independent resource, and therefore created the list based on customer feedback and personal use, and at this point we can recommend only one manufacturer:

According to consumer testimonials, the plumper has a number of drawbacks. These include the high cost of the device, the low efficiency, the fragility of the design and the poor quality of the material from which it is made. Women who decided to buy the simulator, wonder, and what is dangerous, its use for lip augmentation. plumper, harm which is not proven, does not cause any harm to the body, according to the manufacturer. But in fact, is that its use can still cause damage to the health of the lips. Negative changes occurring after application of the suction Cup: drying out the skin. The appearance of small cracks. The formation of hematomas and bruising. Sagging skin with continued use. Fading of pigment in the skin. The change in the contour of the lips. According to experts, in most cases, brings negative consequences of the use of substandard products, imitations, implemented under the brand name original products. Improper use of the simulator can also harm the thin skin of the lips.


As with any product, the buyer always has your opinion, positive or negative that’s another conversation. On some sites people post their reviews in a form of a type of pump for lip augmentation can have negative consequences. Each device before you enter the trade, is pre-tested where it checked for strength and damage. No one is immune from breakdowns and minor cases.

Commented this nature is that constant use can cause diseases of the lips, at the moment this is not how it is confirmed, but no such complaints from buyers did not arrive.

Like any other device associated with cosmetic use, it must have only one master. For hygiene reasons, after daily use it rinse with clear water and store in a dry place.

Often there are doubts among buyers in the accuracy and resolution of such use of this device. Frequent prityagivaya to her lips, the more that there is a direct effect on the skin, can lead to different diseases such as herpes. Such a risk exists, but this is about hygienic requirements. But pump to increase the lips, reviews will confirm, will indeed have an effect Pump for lip augmentation fillips.

Positive experiences and more reviews of course, this is not related to promotions or any other orientation. Most of our ladies after using this pump be just delighted. Now many call it a great kiss, which leaves a small swelling on the lips.

The negative reviews about the application lip plumper

In the Global network a lot of conflicting responses about these machines. The negativity towards lip plumpers are specialized sites is more common than the positive. This is because few are satisfied with the work of a sucker for lip augmentation. Reviews negative contain the following information:

  • Use the plumper has a short effect (from 20 minutes to 1 hour).
  • After one use, the suction Cup appeared bruises on the skin around the lips.
  • Long term usage of the device provoked the appearance of cracks on the lips, dryness of the skin.
  • The device has an unreasonably high cost.
  • Plumper causes an allergic reaction on the skin, has an unpleasant odor.
  • The declared efficiency is in fact not justified – no effect from using plumper not.
  • The device does not fit all for lip augmentation.
  • Lip plumper – a useless thing, if you use harmful.

Here feedback can be divided 50/50, as many of them are written by real people, while others paid “agents” of the manufacturer. Latest create them to attract more buyers, induce consumers ‘ trust. Real reviews exactly describe the process of applying the plumper, with detailed pictures or videos, and warn potential consumers from purchasing useless things.

plump it reviews

Positive feedback of using lip plumper

A grateful response like a negative, a rich device for lip augmentation. plumper, according to the lucky owners of the simulator, allows not only to increase the volume, but also to shape the lips and make them more elastic and smooth. There are such rave reviews:

  • Plumper helped to regain the beauty and youthfulness of your lips.
  • Thanks to the suction Cup, the complexes about the appearance vanished.
  • Since the start of the men began to pay more attention.
  • The effect lasts up to 5 hours and with continued use lips remain attractive throughout the day.

Consumers noted the high quality of execution plumper and hypoallergenic plastic from which it is made. What is real feedback and what is not a nice marketing ploy, disassemble simply. You need to focus on responses that are close to the truth. For example, you should not trust the suction Cup helps to completely change the shape of your lips without surgery. It is not necessary to lay on the treadmill of high hopes, it can give lips mouth-watering volume is not a short period of time, but no more.

Lip plump and Perfect lips of Angelina Jolie

Always for fashionistas as an example and the standard of beauty and perfect appearance were celebrities – Actresses, Hollywood stars and show business. However, few people think that petite, taut skin and an ageless face or that idol is the handiwork of not only makeup artists and stylists, but also plastic surgeons. This topic is considered to be one of the most important, when stars are carefully trying to hide their artificial changes, and the paparazzi all the more eager to catch celebrities on unnatural beauty.

This conversation we will devote a Hollywood diva and style icon angelina Jolie. After all, the beauty conquered the hearts of fans, and perfect settings are the envy of many girls. However, today we will talk about the lips of Angelina Jolie – the part that, according to most Actresses and conviction of many experts, given to her by nature and remains unchanged.

Lips Angelina Jolie before and after surgery

Of course, quite often the screaming headlines about changes in the appearance of many stars – fiction and unjustified lies. Angelina Jolie couldn’t stay away from gossip and squabbles in the power of his glory. Comparing photos of the actress in my youth and today, you can notice quite sharp and obvious differences. However, Greek nose, turned the snub pins, deep cheeks instead of chubby cheeks and sharp chin, which replaced two of its predecessors, few people are interested. The most actual is the question, real or not, the lips of Angelina Jolie. Oddly enough, many of the most ardent critics and experts in the field of plastic surgery claim that sensual and alluring shape of his mouth, the actress is well-endowed. This statement is always presented star itself. To finally confirm the authenticity of her words, just enough to compare lip Jolie photos in my youth and now. Of course, from the endless makeup skin lost some elasticity. However, it is obvious that Angelina Jolie my lips not exactly pumped.

About lips of other Hollywood stars read article The star’s lips: Real or “pumped”?

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